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About Us

Zimbabwe Catholic University has the mission to provides holistic education in a Christian environment in its teaching, research and service programs to all irrespective of religion, nationality or any other designation.Also has the vision To be the University of choice for holistic education in a Christian setting.It was established on 20 August, 1998, through Statutory Instrument 268, Proclamation 49. The first University Council was established in October, 1998. The first Chancellor of the University was the late Most Rev. Patrick Fani Chakaipa, the then Archbishop of Harare whose successor is the present Archbishop of Harare, the  Most Rev. Robert Christopher Ndlovu, Professor George P. Kahari and Mr Herbert Munangatire  were the first to propagate the idea of a Catholic University. A group of lay Catholics then pursued this idea and approached the then Archbishop of Harare, the Most Rev. Patrick Fani Chakaipa and the Hon. Robert G. Mugabe, then Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Both accepted and promoted the idea until the establishment of the university. On 25 February, 1999, the University opened its doors to 41 students reading for the Bachelor of Business Management and Information Technology (Honours) Degree (BBM& IT). In August 2000, the Bachelor of Arts Degree was added.  In 2010, there were over 300 students in the two faculties – the Faculty of Business Management and Information Technology and the Faculty of Humanities.  The proportion of men to women is about 50:50.

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Business Management and Information Technology Honours (BBM&IT)
Bachelor of Arts honours (BA)
Bachelor of Arts general

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