Youngstown State University

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Youngstown State University is a government institution of higher learning education which has the clear mission to offer in education sector.The mission of university is an urban research university, emphasizes a creative, integrated approach to education, scholarship, and service. The University places students at its center; leads in the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge; advances civic, scientific, and technological development; and fosters collaboration to enrich the region and the world.

Programs Offered

Accounting (B)

Advertising and Public Relations (B)

Africana Studies (B)

Allied Health (B)

American Studies (B)

Anatomy and Physiology (C)

Anthropology (B)

Applied Gerontology (C)

Art History (B)

Art, Studio (B)

Digital Media Option (B)

Graphic + Interactive Design Option (B)

Interdisciplinary Studio Arts Option (B)

Painting/Printmaking Option (B)

Photography Option (B)

Three Dimensional Studies Option (B)

Associate of Arts (A)

Associate of Arts Business Administration (A)

Astronomy/Physics (B)

Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine (B.S./M.D.) (B)

Biology (B)

Biology Physical Therapy Track (B)

Business Administration (B)

Business Economics (B)

Business Technology (A) Electrical and Computer Engineering Brochure

Chemistry (B)

Communication Studies (B)

Interpersonal/Organizational Track (B)

Media Track (B)

Persuasion Track (B)

Social Media Track (B)

Comparative International Studies (C)

Computer Database (C)

Computer Information Systems (A,B)

Computer Networking (C)

Computer Science (B)

Criminal Justice (A,B)

Corrections Track (A,B)

Law Enforcement Track (A,B)

Legal Processes Track (B)

Loss Prevention & Assets Protection Track (A,B)

Dance Management (B)

Dental Hygiene (B)

Dietetics (B)

Coordinated Program in Dietetics (B)

Didactic Program in Dietetics (B

Dietetic Technician (A)

Early Childhood Associate PreK (A)

Economics (B)


Adolescent/Young Adult Education Grade 7-12 (B)

Integrated Language Arts

Integrated Mathematics

Integrated Sciences

Integrated Social Studies

Life Science

Early Childhood Education Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 3 (B)

Middle Childhood Education Grade 4 – 9 (B)

Language Arts & Math Option

Language Arts & Science Option

Language Arts & Social Studies Option

Math & Science Option

Math & Social Studies Option