Winston-Salem State University

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Winston-Salem State University is a government institution of higher learning education which has the clear vision and mission to offer in education sector.The university vision is to develops graduates of distinction known for leadership and service in their professions and communities. WSSU graduates compete successfully in the global economy.The faculty excels in teaching and creative and scholarly activities that enhance both student learning and the communities served by the University. Faculty, staff and administrators provide excellent service that supports both a positive student experience and a high-quality work environment.While the mission of the university is to preparing diverse students for success in the 21st Century, Winston-Salem State University offers quality educational programs at the baccalaureate and graduate levels. Students are engaged in active and experiential learning and have access to education through flexible delivery modes. The University is dedicated to the development of students through excellence in teaching, scholarship and service. As a comprehensive, historically Black constituent institution of the University of North Carolina, Winston-Salem State University contributes to the social, cultural, intellectual and economic growth of the region, North Carolina and beyond.

Programs Offered

Undergraduate Programs

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Bachelor of Arts

•  Art Major, BA

•  English Major, BA

•  Gerontology Major, BA

•  History Major, BA

•  Justice Studies Major, BA

•  Mass Communications Major, BA

•  Music Major, BA

•  Political Science Major, BA

•  Psychology Major, BA

•  Sociology Major, BA

•  Spanish Major, BA

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

•  Interdisciplinary Studies Major, BIS

Bachelor of Science

•  Accounting Major, BS

•  Biology Major, BS

•  Biotechnology Major, BS

•  Birth – Kindergarten Major, BS

•  Business Administration Major, BS

•  Chemistry Major, BS

•  Clinical Laboratory Science Major, BS

•  Computer Science Major, BS

•  Economics Major, BS

•  Elementary Education (K-6) Major, BS

•  English Secondary Education Major, BS

•  Exercise Science Major, BS

•  Finance Major, BS

•  Healthcare Management, BS

•  Information Technology Major, BS

•  Management Information Systems Major, BS

•  Management Major, BS

•  Marketing Major, BS

•  Mathematics Major, BS

•  Mathematics Secondary Education Major, BS

•  Middle Grades Education (6-9) Major, BS

•  Motorsport Management Major, BS

•  Physical Education Major, BS

•  Rehabilitation Studies Major, BS

•  Special Education Major, BS

•  Sport Management Major, BS

•  Therapeutic Recreation Major, BS

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

•  Nursing Major, BSN

Bachelor of Social Work

•  Social Work Major, BSW


•  Accounting Minor

•  Art Minor

•  Biology Minor

•  Biotechnology Minor

•  Birth – Kindergarten Minor

•  Business Minor

•  Chemistry Minor

•  Coaching Minor

•  Computer Science Minor

•  Dramatic Arts Minor

•  Economics Minor

•  Elementary Education Minor

•  English Minor

•  Financial Services Minor

•  French Minor

•  Gerontology Minor

•  History Minor

•  Legal Studies Minor

•  Management – Human Resource Minor

•  Management Information Systems Minor

•  Mass Communications Minor

•  Mathematics Minor

•  Middle Grades Education Minor

•  Military Science Minor

•  Music Business Minor

•  Music Minor

•  Neuroscience Minor

•  Physical Education Minor

•  Physics Minor

•  Political Science Minor

•  Portuguese Minor

•  Pre-Medical, Dental, Pharmacy Professional Track

•  Psychology Minor

•  Recreation Minor

•  Rehabilitation Studies Minor

•  Sociology Minor

•  Spanish Minor

•  Special Education Minor

•  Speech Communications Minor

•  Sports Medicine Minor


•  Certificate in Computer Programming

•  WSSU Nonprofit Leadership Program



Winston-Salem State University
601 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27110
(336) 750-2000