Virtual University Of Uganda

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About Us

The Virtual University of Uganda is fully licenced by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education. As the first online university in the region, we are proud to be part of the technological revolution in tertiary education.


We aim to bring premier learning resources to professionals in the fields of public health and international development who wish to obtain a postgraduate qualification without having to take time off work or travel to an outside country. Our staff are experienced academics who are recruited locally, regionally, and internationally. VUU programmes are accessed through our dedicated learning platform (Moodle) hosted by Stoas Learning in The Netherlands. Our vast Open Access Digital Library is available to staff, students, and the general public 24/7.


As a private-not-for-profit institution, the mission of the Virtual University of Uganda is to achieve excellenc in tertiary education provision through providing quality programmes of the highest standards to students who will contribute to positive development in society.

Programs Offered

  • International Development Studies

  • Programme courses

  • PGDID 101 World Development Today (3 CU)
  • PGDICT 101 Introduction to ICT4D (3 CU)
  • PGDID 102 Development Discourse: Theories and Practices (3 CU)
  • PGDID 103 Development Projects: Planning and Management (3 CU)
  • PGDID 104 International Human Rights (3 CU)
  • PGDID 105 International Relations, Intervention, and Aid (3 CU)
  • PGDID 106 Gender, Women, and Development (3CU)
  • PGDID 107 Environment and Sustainable Development (3 CU)
  • PGDID 108 Integrity, Management, and Leadership (3 CU)
  • PGDID 109 Research Methodology (3 CU)
  • Dissertation (MA)

    ICT for Development

    Programme courses

  • PGDID 101 Contemporary Perspectives on Development (3 CU)
  • PGDICT 101 Introduction to ICT4D (3 CU)
  • PGDICT 102 Hardware and Networking for Development (3 CU)
  • PGDID 103 Development Projects: Planning and Management (3 CU)
  • PGDICT 103 Software and Databases for Development (3 CU)
  • PGDICT 104 New Internet-Based Paradigms: Moving to the Cloud (3 CU)
  • PGDICT 105 Information Systems Design and Implementation (3 CU)
  • PGDICT 106 ICT Policy and Regulation (3 CU)
  • PGDID 108 Integrity, Management, and Leadership (3 CU)
  • PGDID 109 Research Methodology (3 CU)
  • Dissertation (MSc)

    Business Administration

  • Programme courses

  • PGDBA 101 Strategic Leadership and Management Skills (3 CU)
  • PGDBA 102 Managing People in Organizations (3 CU)
  • PGDBA 103 Corporate Governance and Integrity (3 CU)
  • PGDBA 104 Financial Management (3 CU)
  • PGDBA 105 Strategic Procurement Management (3 CU)
  • PGDBA 106 Contemporary Marketing Strategies and Practices (3 CU)
  • PGDBA 107 Putting the e into Business: Technology Management (3 CU)
  • PGDBA 108 Accounting for Management (3 CU)
  • PGDBA 109 Operations Management Skills (3 CU)
  • PGDBA 110 Creative Corporate Entrepreneurship (3 CU)
  • EMBA 201 Practicum (6 CU)

Public Health

Programme courses

  • PGDPH 101 Key Issues in Public Health (3 CU)
  • PGDPH 102 Epidemiology and Biostatistics (3 CU)
  • PGDPH 103 Population Studies and Reproductive Health (3 CU)
  • PGDPH 104 Primary Health Care and Community Health (3 CU)
  • PGDPH 105 Health Communication and Promotion (3 CU)
  • PGDPH 106 Health Economics (3 CU)
  • PGDPH 107 Environment, Health, and Development (3 CU)
  • PGDPH 108 Health Policy, Planning, and Management (3 CU)
  • PGDID 108 Integrity, Management, and Leadership (3 CU)
  • PGDPH 109 Research Methodology (3 CU)


Admission and Applications

Step 1: Gather information

Step 2: Complete the online application form

  • Complete the online application form and attach all relevant documents.
    • Make sure that you have soft (digital) copies of your transcripts and CV ready. You will also need your Personal Statement (why you wish to take the programme) and a Summary of Your Experience. You will be asked to upload/attach your transcripts on page 2 of our online application form. Important note: Scanned copies of your transcripts must be stamped by a recognised authority as ¨certified true copy¨ of the original.
    • You will be asked to upload/attach your CV on page 3 of the online application form.
    • If you wish to submit the online application at a later date, you may click the “Save as draft” button at any time. You can then return later and make corrections before submitting the application.
    • Please review your application carefully before clicking “Submit” as you can only submit the form once.
    • When you press “Submit,” your application form will be automatically sent to us.

Step 3: Submit payment

Step 4: What’s next?

  • The university will acknowledge receipt of your application.
  • If you qualify for admission, you will receive an invitation to take the university Graduate Admission Test (additional fees apply). You must pass this test to qualify for registration.
  • Dissertation (MSc)