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About Us

The University of Victoria, one of Canada’s leading universities, is a rich and supportive learning community for students and faculty alike.

Widely recognized for leadership in research, inspired teaching and community engagement, UVic provides innovative undergraduate and graduate programs and real-life learning experiences in a diverse and welcoming West Coast environment.

Programs Offered

Program                           Faculty

Anthropology                    Social Sciences

Applied Ethics    Humanities

Applied Linguistics           Humanities

Arts of Canada Fine Arts

Arts of Canada Humanities

Astronomy         Science

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Program               Faculty

Biochemistry      Science

Biology                 Science

Biomedical Engineering                 Engineering

Business              Peter B. Gustavson School of Business

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Program               Faculty

Canadian Studies             Humanities

Canadian Studies             Social Sciences

Chemistry           Science

Child & Youth Care          HSD

Civil Engineering               Engineering

Commerce          Peter B. Gustavson School of Business

Computer Engineering Engineering

Computer Science           Engineering

Computer Science and Mathematics       Engineering

Computer Science and Statistics                Engineering

Cultural Heritage Sector Leadership         HSD

Cultural Resource Management                Fine Arts

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Program               Faculty

Earth and Ocean Sciences            Science

Economics           Social Sciences

Education (Elementary Curriculum)         Education

Education (Secondary Curriculum)           Education

Education Post-Degree Professional Program (Elementary)         Education

Education Post-Degree Professional Program (Middle Years)      Education

Education Post-Degree Professional Program (Secondary)           Education

Electrical Engineering     Engineering

English Humanities

Environmental Studies Social Sciences

European Studies            Fine Arts

European Studies            Humanities

European Studies            Social Sciences

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Program               Faculty

Film Studies        Fine Arts

Film Studies        Humanities

Fine Arts              Fine Arts

Foundations in Indigenous Fine Arts       Fine Arts

French Humanities

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Program               Faculty

Geography         Social Sciences

Geography and Computer Science (Geomatics)                 Engineering

Geography and Computer Science (Geomatics)                 Engineering

Germanic Studies            Humanities

Greek & Roman Studies                Humanities

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Program               Faculty

Health Information Science         HSD

Health Information Science and Computer Science          Engineering

Hispanic & Italian Studies              Humanities

History Humanities

History in Art      Fine Arts

Human Dimensions of Climate Change   Social Sciences

Humanities         Humanities

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Program               Faculty

Indigenous Language Revitalization         Education

Indigenous Studies         Humanities

Indigenous Studies         Social Sciences

Intercultural Education and Training        Education

Intercultural Education and Training        Humanities

Island Medical Program                 Division of Medical Sciences

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Program               Faculty

JD+MBA Double Degree Program             Law

JD+MPA Double Degree Program             Law

JD/BCL (Civil Law Degree Graduates)      Law

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Program               Faculty

Kinesiology         Education

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Program               Faculty

Latin American Studies Humanities

Linguistics            Humanities

Local Government Management              HSD

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Program               Faculty

Mathematics     Science

Mechanical Engineering                Engineering

Medieval Studies             Humanities

Microbiology      Science

Music    Fine Arts

Music and Computer Science     Engineering

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Program               Faculty

Nursing                HSD

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Program               Faculty

Pacific & Asian Studies   Humanities

Performance Management         HSD

Philosophy          Humanities

Physics                 Science

Physics and Computer Science   Engineering

Political Science                Social Sciences

Professional Specialization in Collections Management Fine Arts

Professional Specialization in Heritage Conservation Planning     Fine Arts

Professional Specialization in Information Communication Technology   Education

Professional Specialization in Special Education Education

Professional Specialization in Teaching French Immersion             Education

Professional Writing (English)     Humanities

Psychology         Social Sciences

Psychology and Computer Science           Engineering

Public Administration     HSD

Public Health and Social Policy    HSD

Public Policy       HSD

Public Sector Management         HSD

Public Services Management      HSD

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Program               Faculty

Recreation and Health Education              Education

Religious Studies              Humanities

Restoration of Natural Systems                 Social Sciences

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Program               Faculty

Secondary Teacher Education    Education

Slavic Studies     Humanities

Social Justice Studies      Humanities

Social Justice Studies      Social Sciences

Social Work         HSD

Sociology             Social Sciences

Software Engineering    Engineering

Special Education             Education

Statistics              Science

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Program               Faculty

Technology and Society                Social Sciences

Theatre                Fine Arts

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Program               Faculty

Visual Arts           Fine Arts

Visual Arts and Computer Science            Engineering

Voluntary and Non-profit Sector Management HSD

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Program               Faculty

Women’s Studies             Humanities

Writing                 Fine Arts


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