University of Oklahoma

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University of Oklahoma is a government institution of higher learning education which has clear aim to offer in education sector.Founded in 1890, it had existed in Oklahoma Territory near Indian Territory for 17 years before the two became the state of Oklahoma. As of 2007 the university had 29,931 students enrolled, most located at its main campus in Norman. Employing nearly 3,000 faculty members, the school offers 152 baccalaureate programs, 160 master’s programs, 75 doctorate programs, and 20 majors at the first professional level. David Lyle Boren, a former U.S. Senator and Oklahoma Governor, has served as President of the University of Oklahoma since 1994.

Programs Offered

Accounting, BBA (PDF) (Business)

Accounting, Joint BBA/MAcc (PDF) (Business)

Accounting/Management of Information Technology (PDF) (Business) – Pending Final Approval

Advertising (PDF) (Journalism)

Aerospace Engineering (PDF) (Engineering)

Aerospace Engineering Accelerated BS/MS (PDF) (Engineering)

African and African-American Studies (PDF) (Arts & Sciences) – Pending Final Approval

Anthropology (PDF) (Arts & Sciences)

Arabic (PDF) (Arts & Sciences)

Architectural Engineering (PDF) (Engineering)

Architectural Engineering/Civil Engineering (PDF) (Engineering)

Architecture (PDF) (Architecture) – Pending Final Approval

Art (PDF) (Fine Arts) – Pending Final Approval

Art – Art, Technology, and Culture (PDF) (Fine Arts)

Art – Studio Arts (PDF) (Fine Arts)

Art – Visual Communication (PDF) (Fine Arts) – Pending Final Approval

Art History (PDF) (Fine Arts)

Asian Studies (PDF) (International Studies)

Astronomy (PDF) (Arts & Sciences)

Astrophysics (PDF) (Arts & Sciences)

Aviation – Air Traffic Management (PDF) (Aviation)

Aviation – Aviation Management (PDF) (Aviation)

Aviation – Aviation Management Non-Flying Track (PDF) (Aviation)

Aviation – Professional Pilot (PDF) (Aviation)




Ballet Pedagogy (PDF) (Fine Arts)

Ballet Performance (PDF) (Fine Arts)

Bassoon (PDF) (Fine Arts)

Biochemistry (PDF) (Arts & Sciences)

Biology (PDF) (Arts & Sciences)

Botany (PDF) (Arts & Sciences)

Brass Instruments (PDF) (Fine Arts)

Broadcasting and Electronic Media (PDF) (Journalism)


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