University of Lagos

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About Us

The establishment of the University of Lagos in 1962 was informed by the need to intensify the training of a professional workforce for a newly independent Nigeria in search of rapid industrialisation and economic development. It was however quite evident that the country lacked the requisite workforce to actualise the people’s dream. There was a big gulf to be filled, and that required establishing many more universities.

Towards this end, the Federal Government established the Eric Ashby Commission on Post School Certificate and Higher Education in Nigeria in May 1959. The Ashby Commission’s report, titled Investment in Education, recommended the establishment of a new university in Lagos, the then Federal Capital, to offer day and evening courses in Commerce, Business Administration, Economics and Higher Management Studies. In 1961, the Federal Government assigned the detailed planning of the new university to a UNESCO Advisory Commission. However, whereas the Ashby Commission had envisaged a non-residential institution which would be cited in the business district of Central Lagos, the UNESCO Commission opted for a traditional university, “a complete all encompassing institution” with residential accommodation on a large campus. Following the acceptance of the UNESCO Commission’s report, the University of Lagos was established on 22nd October 1962 on the authority of the University of Lagos Act of 1962.

Programs Offered  
European Languages (French and Russian)
English Language
English Literature
Linguistics, African and Asian
Department of History and Strategic Studies
Creative Arts: Visual Arts
Creative Arts: Theatre Arts
Creative Arts: Music
Social Sciences

Department of Economics
Department of Mass Communication and Journalism
Department of Political Science
Department of Social Work
Department of Psychology
Department of Sociology
Department of Geography and Planning
Managerial Psychology
International Relations and Strategic Studies
Public and International Affairs
Transportation Planning and Management

Business Administration

Department of Business Administration
Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
Actuarial Science
Risk Management and Insurance
Operations Research
Organization behavior
Production/Operations Management
Development Finance


Jurisprudence and International Law
Commercial and Industrial law
Public Law
Private and Property Law
Legal Studies
Conflict Management
Dispute Resolution


Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Department of Physics
Department of Chemistry
Department of Computer Science
Department of Geological Science
Department of Geophysics
Department of Marine Sciences
Department of Zoology
Department of Fisheries
Department of Cell Biology and Genetics
Department of Botany
Department of Microbiology
Environmental chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Environmental Biology
Physical Oceanography and Coastal Management
Marine Pollution and Management
Marine Biology
Fisheries Technology
Fisheries Biology and Fisheries Management
Cell and Molecular Biology
Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Management
Aquatic Resource and Pollution Management
Applied Entomology and Pest Management
Environmental Management
Natural resource management
Natural Resources Conservation

Environmental Sciences

Environmental Design
Urban Design
Landscape Architecture
Construction Management
Construction Technology
Estate Management
Urban and Regional Planning
Quantity Surveying
Facilities Management


Civil and Environmental Engineering
Chemical Engineering/Technology
Computer Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Petroleum and Gas Engineering
Surveying and Geoinformatics
Geoinformatics Information Technology
Systems Engineering

School of Clinical Sciences

Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Clinical Pathology
Haematology and Blood Transfusion
Radiation Biology and Radiotherapy

School of Basic Medical Sciences
Anatomy and Molecular Pathology
Morbid Anatomy
Medical Microbiology and Parasitology
Biomedical engineering
Medical Laboratory Science

School of Dental Sciences

Child Dental Health
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Preventive Dentistry
Restorative Dentistry
Oral Pathology


Clinical Pharmacy
Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Pharmaceutical microbiology


Guidance and Counseling
Adult Education
Adult Education Management
Adult Literacy and Non-formal Education
Mathematics education
Physics education
Biology education
Chemistry education
Integrated Science education
Social Studies education
Geography Education
History Education
Human Kinetics and Health Education
Exercise Physiology
Sports Administration/Management
Home Economics Education
Technology education
Business Education
English Education
English Literature education
French Education
Yoruba Education
Igbo Education
Christian Religious Studies
Islamic Studies Education
Religion Education
Music education
Curriculum Theory
Educational administration and Planning
Educational Psychology
Measurement and Evaluation
Philosophy of education
Sociology of education
Community Development and Social Work
Manpower Training and Development

Admission and Applications