University of Ngaoundéré-Cameroon

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About Us

University of Ngaoundéré has the aims to enable projection of a positive and radiant image of the university through the mastery of science and technology to the highest level of excellence
Ensure training by research of junior academics(faculty), notably those without a doctorate degree
Participate in the fight against poverty, which is major policy priority of government, thus allowing our university to carry out one its other missions, namely, backup the development effort
Ensure the integration of our university in the concert of national and international science thanks to interuniversity co-operation and partnerships with the private sector
Contribute to the training and formation of high level human capital capable of meeting the challenges of development crystallized in the preoccupations of the NEPAD and national government
Participate in globalization trends thereby making it possible for our university to obtain external funding within the frameworks of North-South and South-South relations

Programs Offered

Faculty of Arts Letters and Human Sciences

The Faculty of Arts, Letters and Social Sciences has seven departments.
English Department.
Anthropology Department.
Arts Department.
French Department.
Geography Department.
History Department.
Arabic Language and Civilisation Department.

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science has seven Departments:
Department of Physics
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Department of Biological Sciences
Department of Earth (Geological) Sciences
Department of Chemistry
Department of Environmental Sciences
Health Sciences
Départment of Biomedical Sciences

Faculty of Economic Science and the Management

The Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences has four Departments:
Department of Accountancy and Finance;
Department of Management, Strategy and Forecasting;
Department of Marketing ;
Department of Monetary and Banking Economics.

Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

The Faculty of Laws and Political Science has three Departments:
Department of Public Law ; Department of Private Law ;
Department of the Legal Theory and Epistemology
The training offered by the three departments are complementary, and specialisation only obtains in the third year (Licence= Bachelors).
Despite this complementary aspect, each of the three programmes provided has the following objectives:
Department of Private Law: Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D.


University of Ngaoundere

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