University of Jimma-Ethiopia

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About Us

University of Jimma has the vision to be the leading public premier in the country, renown in Africa and recognized in the world.Also has the mission to be a center of academic excellence integrating Training, Research and Service. The University trains higher caliber professionals at undergraduate and post-graduate levels through its cherished and innovative Community Based Education(CBE)

Programs Offered

College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

PHD program

PhD in Horticulture
PhD in Plant Breeding
PhD in Plant Pathology
PhD in Animal Nutrition

Masters Program

MSc in Horticulture and Plant Science  (Regular, Evening, Summer)
MSc in Plant Biotechnology
MSc in Natural Resources Management
MSc in Post Harvest Management
MSc in Veterinary Epidemiology
MSc in Animal Production
MSc in Agronomy
MSc in Entomology
MSc in Plant Pathology
MSc in Plant Breeding
MSc in Veterinary Public Health
MSc in Animal Breeding
MSc in Sugar Agronomy
MSc in Agribusiness and Value Chain Managment
MSc in Physical Land Resource (Specialization Soil Science)
MSc Weed Science

Undergraduate Program

BSc in Horticulture (Regular, Evening, Summer)
BSc in Plant Sciences
BSc in Post Harvest Management
BSc in Natural Resources Management
BSc in Animal Science
BSc in Agricultural Economics & Extension
BSc in Rural Development and Agricultural Extension
BSc in Animal Health
BSc in Sugar Agronomy
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

College of Business and Economics
Masters program

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
MSc. in Accounting and Finance
MSc. in Economics
MA in Accounting
MPA(Masters of Public Administration)

Undergraduate program

BA. in Accounting
BA. in Economics
BA. Management
BA. in Banking and Finance

Jimma Institute of Technology

Masters Program

MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering
MSc in Structural Engineering
MSc in Water Resource Engineering
MSc in Environmental Engineering
MSc in Electrical Power Engineering
MSc in Geotechnical Engineering
MSc in Construction Engineering & Management
MSc in Hydraulics Engineering
MSc in Communication Engineering

Undergraduate program

BSc in Civil Engineering
BSc in Chemical Eningeering
BSc in Electrical & Computer Engineering
Bsc in Mechanical Engineering
Bsc in Computer Science
BSc in Biomedical Engineering
BSc in Information Technology
BSc in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

College of Natural Science

PhD Program

PhD in Applied Microbiology

Masters Program

Masters of Biology in Applied Microbiology Specialty
Masters in Bio-statistics
MSc in Chemistry
MSc in Applied Microbiology
MSc in Botanical Sciences
MSc Ecological and Systematic Zoology
MSc in Mathematics
MSc in Information and Knowledge Management
MSc in Electronic and Digital Resource Management
MSc in Astrophysics
MSc in Condensed Matter
MSc in Quantum Optics
MSc in Sport Management
MSc in Foot Ball

Undergraduate Programs

(BSc, BEd) in Biology
BSc in Chemistry
BSc in Mathematics
BSc in Physics
BSc in Sport Science(Regular, Summer)
BSc in Statistics
(BSc, BEd) in Mathematics

College of Public Health and Medical Science

PhD Program

PhD in Applied Ecology
PhD in Enviromental Health

Masters program

Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacy
Master of Public Health in Reproductive Health
Master of Public Health in Epidemiology
Master of General Public Health
Master of Public Health in Health Education and Promotion
Master of Public Health in Health Education and Promotion (Summer)
Master of Public Health in Health Planning and Health Service Management
Master of Hospital and Health-care Administration
Master of Monitoring and Evaluation of Health
MSc in Physiology
MPH in Health Services Managment
MPH in Reproductive Health
MSc  in Enviromental Science and Technology
MSc in Enviromental Health
Msc in Adult Nursing
MSc in Maternity Nursing
MSc in Physiology
MSc in Microbiology
MSc in Parasitology
MSc in Clinical Chemistry
MSc in Haematology
MSc in Clinical Laboratory Sciences
MSc in Psychiatry
MSc in integrated Clinical and Community Mental Health
MSc in Emergency Surgery Speciality
Internal Medicine Specialty
Surgery Speciality
Pediatrics Speciality
Obstetrics and Gynecology Speciality
Opthalmology Speciality
Oral and Maxillofacial Specialty
Radiology Specialty
Dentistry Specialty
Anesthesiology Specialty
MSc in Human Nutrition

Undergraduate program

Bachelor of Pharmacy
BSc in Health Education and Behavioral Sciences
Medical Doctorate
MSc in Health Officer
Doctor of Dentistry
BSc in Health Officer
BSc in Anesthesia
BSc in Enviromental Health Science
BSc in Nursing
BSc in Medical Laboratory Sciences

College of Social Science and Law
Masters program

MA in TEFL (english)
Master of Arts in History
MA in History and Heritage
MA in Counseling Psychology
MA in Engish Literature
MA in Educational Psychology
L.L.M in Commercial and Investment Law
Master Of Arts Degree In Oromo Language And Literature Teaching
MA in Applied Linguistics and Ethiopian Language and Cultural Studies
MA in Governance and Development Studies

Undergraduate program

LLB in Law
BEd in Geography and Environmental Studies
BA in Sociology
BA in English
B.Ed. Degree in Afan Oromo
BA in Ethiopian Language(s) & Literature -Amharic
BA in Oromo Folklore and Literature
BA in Governance and Development Studies
BA in Psychology
BA in History

Institute of Education and Professional Development Studies

Masters Program

MA in Educational Leadership (in regular and summer program)
MA in Curriculum and Instruction
MA in Adult Educational and Life Long Learning

Undergraduate Program

BA in Educational Planning and Management (in regular ,summer and distance program)

Pedagogical Certification Programs

Diploma in Teaching Physics
Diploma in Teaching Chemistry
Diploma in Teaching English
Diploma in Teaching Civics
Diploma in Teaching Afan Oromo
Diploma in Teaching Sport Science
Diploma in Teaching Mathematics
Diploma in Teaching Biology

Other Training

Instructional Skills
Continuous Assessment
Active Learning and Teaching Approach
Module Writing Training
English Language Skills for Academic and non-Academic Staffs
Instructional Time and Classroom Management
Action Research and its Roles
Continues Professional Development

Admission and Applications

Each semester existing students are required to register for classes for the next semester. The registration is held in the respective

college office of students’ Affairs.

To register for classes, students should collect three copies of registration slips from the respective department and complete the required information and get them signed by the head of the department/school and submit one copy of the slip to the respective college office of students’ Affairs and one copy to the University office of the registrar.

You can now apply to Jimma Universty Registrar office at the following programs based on the minimum requirements of each departments.