University of Botho-Botswana

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About us

University of Botho has the vision to be the centre that promotes best practices in higher education through leadership, collaboration and shared learning. The institution should lead by example and demonstrate excellence by having well designed organisational structures and methodologies that promote learning and leadership at all levels. The second part deals with the institution’s role in creating positive social transformation within its community through learning activities and ideas that generate acquisition of knowledge, skills and a positive mindset that allows the community to become useful citizens in the economy.

Programs Offered

Department of Accounting and Finance offers the following accounting course:

Certificate in Accounting

Diploma in Accounting

Professional Diploma (Hons) in Accounting

BSc (Hons) in Accounting


Certificate in Computing

Diploma in Computing

Professional Diploma (hons) in Computing

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Computing

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Computing from Teeside University

Master of Science (Honours) Computing from Teeside University

Business Management

Diploma in Business Management

Professional Diploma (Honours) in Business Management

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Management


You may contact us through email, phone or visit your nearest campus. Our friendly staff at Front office will gladly assist you with a smile.


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    Physical Address: Botho Education Park, Kgale, Gaborone.

    Postal Address P.O. Box 501564, Gaborone.

    Telephone: +267 391 9999/391 9666.

    Fax: +267 391 3187858.


    Physical Address: Barclays Plaza, Blue Jacket Street, Francistown.

    Postal Address P/Bag F451, Francistown.

    Telephone: +267 244 0686.

    Fax: +267 244 0685.


    Physical Address: Opp. Maun Technical College, Boseja, Maun.

    Postal Address P.O. Box 20157, Boseja, Maun.

    Telephone +267 686 5404.

    Fax: +267 686 5035.