University of Bamenda-Cameroon

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About Us

University of Bamenda has the mission to equip students with universal knowledge in the arts, sciences and technology. It strives to imbue in the students an overt spirit, reflective of critical and constructive thinking, spontaneous to initiatives and enterprise.The university, to this end, brings the students to sanity as they imbibe, exchange and value ideas within a context of moral integrity and associative life. Its critical agenda is to pursue personal and collegial excellence in teaching, training, research and outreach in the spirit of the Anglo-Saxon tradition without sacrificing the advantages of cultural dialogue.

The learning experience which the university provides to students is the basis upon which students should demonstrate responsible leadership and subscribe to the core values of intellectual insurance responsive to the exigencies of the contemporary environment.

The university, conscious of the dynamic character of science and technology, will continue to strive for innovation in its quest to meet with the ramified demands of our contemporary times.

Programs Offered

In order to succeed in its specific and statutory missions, the UBa has two faculties and three professional schools that are already operational. The main campus is in Bambili. The University offers the following programmes and Certificates / Diplomas in the different faculties and schools.

Faculty Of Health Sciences (Fhs)
  • Department Of Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Department Of Medicine
  • Department Of Nursing
Faculty Of Sciences (Fs)
  • Departement Of Physics
  • Department Of Biological Sciences
  • Department Of Chemistry
  • Department Of Mathematics And Computer Science
  • Department Of Physics


Professional Schools
College Of Technology (Coltech)
  • Department Of Agribusiness Technology
  • Department Of Agricultural And Environmental Engineering
  • Department Of Animal Production Technology
  • Department Of Crop Production Technology
  • Department Of Food Sciences And Technology
Higher Institute Of Commerce And Management (Hicm)
  • Department Of Accounting And Finance
  • Department Of Insurance And Security
  • Department Of Management
  • Department Of Marketing
  • Department Of Money & Banking
Higher Teacher Training College (H.T.T.C)
  • Department Of Bilingual Letters
  • Department Of Biology
  • Department Of Chemistry
  • Department Of Economic Sciences
  • Department Of English Modern Letters
  • Department Of Geography
  • Department Of Geology
  • Department Of Guidance And Counseling
  • Department Of History
  • Department Of Mathematics
  • Department Of Physics
  • Department Of Science Of Education
Higher Technical Teachers Training College (H.T.T.T.C)
  • Department Of Administrative Techniques
  • Department Of Civil Engineering & Forestry
  • Department Of Computer Sciences
  • Department Of Economic Sciences
  • Department Of Electrical & Power Engineering
  • Department Of Law
  • Department Of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department Of Science Of Education
  • Department Of Social Economy And Family Management


Bambili Cameroon,
P.O.Box: 39 Bambili Cameroon
Tél: (237) 22 81 65 50