University of Assosa-Ethiopia

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About Us

University of Assosa has the mission to producing knowledgeable, Skillful and disciplined graduates by teaching based on the need of the country and on the right subject matter and making research based on the problem of the surrounding and focusing on technology transfer and giving consultancy service for the community.Also has the vision to be one of the top ten universities in Ethiopia.

Programs Offered

Engineering and Technology

1.  Information Science

2. Information Technology

3.  Computer Science

4. Civil Engineering

5.  Electrical and Computer Engineering

6.  Mechanical Engineering

7. Constraction Technology Management

Natural and Computational Science Facult

1. Biology

2.  Chemistry

3.  Mathematics

4.  Sport Science

5. Physics

6. Geology

Agriculture and Natural Resource Faculty

1.  Plant Science

2. Animal Science

3. Natural Resourse Manegement

Business and Economics Faculty

1.  Economics

2.  Accounting

3. Management

Social Science and Humanities Faculty

1.  English

2.  Geography

3. Civic and Ethical Education

4. Psycology

5. Law


1 Dr. Amsalu
2 Ato.Guremesa GerbiHRM Director+251577750768
3 Ato.Kemal
4 Ato.Getahun AbdisaAdmin&Dev’t
5 Ato.Oumer Sheriff