University of Addis Ababa-Ethiopia

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About Us

Addis Ababa University aspires has the vision to be a pre-eminent African research university dedicated to excellence in teaching, critical inquiry, creativity and public action in an academic community that cultivates and celebrates diversity.Also has the mission to foster a democratic university, which gives pride of place to its students in instruction and provision of services while encouraging the robust exercise of academic freedom. This will be achieved by developing vibrant graduate programs and by nurturing professional competence, a humanistic education, a scientific culture, academic excellence and a committed, ethical citizenship. 

Programs Offered

List of PHD Programs

College of Medicine

School of  Medicine

          Tropical and Infectious Diseases



          Medical Biochemistry

          Medical Microbiology

School of Public Health

          public Health

College of Medicine & Agriculture

School of Veterinary Medicine

          Tropical Animal Health & production

          Veterinary Obstetrics & Gynecology

          Tropical Veterinary public Health

          Tropical Veterinary Parasitology

College of Education & Behavioural Studies

          Curriculum Design & Development

          Educational Policy and Leadership

          Special Needs Education

          Applied Developmental Psychology

College of Law and Governance Studies

          Peace, Federalism and Human Rights

Addis Ababa Institute of Technology

Department of Chemical Engineering

          Environmental Engineering

          Food Engineering

          Process Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

          Construction Management & Technology

          Geotechnical Engineering

          Structural Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

          Industrial Engineering

          Mechanical Design

          Thermal Engineering


Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

          Geography and Environmental Studies (Human)

          Geography and Environmental Studies (Physical)



College of Humanities, Language Studies, Journalism and Communication

          Documentary Linguistics

          Applied Linguistics and Development

          Experimental Phonetics

          Descriptive and Theoretical Linguistics

          Historical & Comparative Linguistics

          Applied Linguistics

          Applied Linguistics and Communication

          Ethiopian Literature



          English Literature


College of Natural Science

School of Information Science (IT PHD)

          Information Systems

          Information Retrievals

          Language Technology

          IP Networking & Mobile Internet

          Software Engineering

          Wireless Communication Systems

Department of Biology

          Biology (Applied Genetics)

          Biology (Applied Microbiology)

          Biology (Biomedical Sciences)

          Biology (Botanical Sciences)

          Biology (Ecological & Systemic Botany)

          Biology (Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences)

          Biology (Insect Sciences)

Department of Chemistry and Physics

          Analytical Chemistry

          Inorganic Chemistry

          Organic Chemistry

          Organic Chemistry

          Physical Chemistry

          Astrophysics Physics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

          Industrial Mathematics

          Statistics (Biostatistics)

Department of Computer Science

          Computer Science

College of Development and Environmental Studies

          Environment & Development

          Rural Livelihoods and Development

Social Work

          Social Work

Center for Multidisciplinary Programs

          Food Science & Nutrition


V/P for Research and Technology Transfer

Telephone:     0111-239769