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About Us

The establishment of an institution of higher learning in Liberia has been a dream of the United Methodist church in Liberia for a protracted period.  The dream crystalize  into the idea to establish a United Methodist University in the 1970s, out of the growing  concern to provide programs of higher learning for the increasingly large number of women and men of Liberia and , in Africa generally. Before 1990, there were only two universities in Liberia, the University of Liberia, a state owned institution j, and the Cuttington University College, an Episcopal Church owned institution. With their limited facilities, these two institutions neither could nor accommodated the growing student population.  As a result, a college education direly essential for national development was unobtainable by a large number of Liberians.

Programs Offered

Faculty of Agriculture College

Faculty of Arts & Science College

Faculty of Education College

Faculty of Health Sciences College

Faculty of Management & Administration College

Faculty of Theology College

Admission and Applications

The United Methodist University welcomes students who are desirous of pursing a college –level program of study. The office of Admissions makes the process of admissions very easy for all prospective students. The University prioritizes providing service to its students with the anticipation that they will academically be nurtured and rewarded. Questions on admissions policy can be attended to by the office of the dean of Admissions.Admissions Academic Policies & Regulations

Prospective student who is seeking admission at the United Methodist University (UMU) should first secure an application form from the Dean of Admissions, Records and Registration of the University. This from should be completed and returned to the Admissions office.

In addition, the applicant must submit evidence of his graduation from a recognized high school or the equivalent of an accredited institution.

High school; i.e. (ordinary) “O” or (Advance) “A” Levels, etc. and successfully pass the university entrance examination.

In addition, students who attain passes in division 1 in the WAEC Exams shall be admitted without sitting the United Methodist University Placement Exam,  in line with  policy of the Ministry of Education.

A successful applicant must provide the following to the Admissions office:

1.    A propyl filled application form;

2.    Two letters of recommendation (one must be from the last school  attendance and the other from your pastor)

3.    A copy of High school Diploma

4.    A copy of the west African Examination Council  Examination (WAEC)  certificate

5.    A High  School Transcript;

6.    Three recent passport size photos:

7.    A non-refundable application fee determined by the university:

8.    A health Certificate from a recognized hospital or Clinic.

Admission by Transfer

Students attending recognized universities, both local and foreign, might be allowed to transfer to the United Methodist University. Students desiring to transfer to the university may also apply for admission and submit the following:

1.    A letter of application

2.    A properly filed in application from secured from the office of Admissions.

3.    Two letter of recommendation (one must be from the Dean of Administrations of last school attendance and one from an eminent personality in the community);

4.    A Transcript, from the last school attended, sent directly to the office of  Admissions

5.    Three recent passport-size photo;

6.    A non-refundable application fee determined by the university

All Applications for transfer must be reviewed and approved by the Committee on Academic Affairs, which shall compile the list of, accepted students and present it to the Dean of Admissions for implementation.

Upon the acceptance, all transfer students shall be informed immediately through letters of acceptance, which shall list compile the list of all courses accepted from their previous universities, as well as, indicate each student’s status.

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