Uganda Martyrs University

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About Us

UMU is a Catholic founded, faith-based, not-for-profit private university established in 1993, and owned by the Uganda Episcopal Conference (UEC). UMU received a Civil Charter on 2nd April 2005 from the government of Uganda to legitimise its existence and recognize the fact that it had attained the required university standards.

On 18th October 1994, the University was officially opened in the presence of His Excellency President Yoweri K. Museveni, the Uganda Catholic Bishops, the Minister of Education, and a host of friends and well-wishers. Uganda Martyrs University is fully recognised by the Ministry of Education in Uganda and its degrees are conferred autonomously.


Programs Offered


Advanced Diploma in Health Promotion and Education(FT)
Advanced Diploma in Health Services Management(FT)
Advanced Diploma in Environmental Design (FT)
Diploma in Democracy and Development Studies (DL)
Diploma in Primary Education(DL)
Diploma in Health Services Management (FT)
Diploma in Health Promotion and Education (FT)
Diploma in Health Insurance Management (FT/PT)
Diploma in Microfinance and Community Economic Development (DL)
Diploma in Local Governance and Human Rights (DL)
Diploma in Science (Mathematics, Statistics, Economics )(FT)
Diploma in Computer Science and Information Technology (FT/ PT)
Diploma in Clinical Mentoring (PT) Nsambya

Certificate in Local Governance and Human Rights (DL)
Certificate in Petroleum Economics (PT) (Proposed)
Certificate in Petroleum Law (PT) (Proposed)
Certificate in Computer Applications
Certificate in Agriculture (Selected areas: Agriculture, Poultry, Bee keeping and Horticulture)
Certificate in Business Administration and Management (selected modules)
Health Promotion and Education
Health Services Management


Bachelor of Arts Democracy and Development Studies(DL)
Bachelor of Arts in Microfinance and Community Economic Development (DL)
Bachelor of Arts Education [offered at Kisubi Centre]
Bachelor of Arts in Social Development and Counselling (PT)
Bachelor of Arts Ethics and Development Studies(FT)
Bachelor of Arts Primary Education(DL)
Bachelor of Arts Secondary Education
Bachelor of Arts in Local Governance and Human Rights (DL)
Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature in English with Education (Proposed)
Bachelor of Business Administration and Management(FT)
Bachelor of Science with specialisation in: (Economics and Statistics;Statistics and Computer Science; Economics and Mathematics; Mathematics and Computer Science; Economics and Computer Science; Mathematics and Statistics)(FT)
Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance (FT)
Bachelor of Science in Business Economics(FT)
Bachelor of Science Financial Mathematics(FT)
Bachelor of Environmental Design (FT)
Bachelor of Science in Organic Agriculture (DL)
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (DL)
Bachelor of Agriculture (FT)
Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion (FT)
Bachelor of Social Development and Counselling ( FT)
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

PG Diploma/Master of Arts Development Studies and NGO Management (Distance Learning)
PG Diploma/Master of Arts Development and Microfinance (Distance Learning)
PG Diploma Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
PG Diploma/Master of Arts in Good Governance and Civil Society (Distance learning under the Centre for Good Governance and Civil Society)
PG Diploma/Master of Arts (M.A) Development Studies (full-time and part-time)
Postgraduate Certificate in Local Government Administration and Management (PT)
PG Diploma/Master of Arts (M.A) Education and Development (Full time)
PG Diploma/Master of Business Administration (MBA full-time)
PG Diploma/Master of Science in Development Economics (Full time)
PG Diploma/Master of Science (MSc) in Health Services Management (Full time)
Master of Arts Sustainable Peace and Conflict Management (FT)
Master of Arts Local Governance and Human Rights (DL)
Master in Environment Peace and Security (FT/PT)
Master of Research and Public Policy (PT)
Master of Science in ICT Management, Policy and Architectural Design (PT)
Master of Science in Information Systems (FT/PT)
Master of Education (FT/PT) (Proposed)
Master of Philosphy – MPhil (full time and part time)
Master of Architecture (Professional) (M.Arch.)PG Diploma (FT)
Master of Landscape Architecture (M.Land.Arch.)
Master of Environmental Design (M.Envi.Des.)
Master of Science in Agro-Ecology
Master of Diplomacy and International Studies
Master of International Trade Policy and Law
Master of Science in Hospital Management (FT)
Master of Public Health (FT/PT/DL)
Master of Medicine in Pediatrics (FT)
Master of Medicine in Surgery (FT)
Master of Medicine in Internal Medicine(FT)
Master of Medicine in Obstetrics and Gynecology(FT)
Master of Medicine in Emergency Medicine (FT) (Proposed)
Master of Medicine in Critical Care (FT) (Proposed)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in selected fields (FT, PT)
Joint Doctor of Philosophy in Governance, Peace and Development (FT/PT)

Admission and Applications

How to apply

Application forms may be downloaded from here(Undergraduate and Postgraduate) or acquired at the the different centers of Nkozi, Rubaga, Masaka, Mbale and Nyamitanga. Be sure to pay an application fee of 40,000/= for the Postgraduate Form and 30,000/= for the Undergraduate Form(US$ 25 and 20 respectively for non-Ugandans). Payments can be made using university bank slips at selected banks. Bank slips can be picked at any of the above mentioned centers.

For more information about admissions, please contact the

Academic Registrar
Uganda Martyrs University,
P.O. Box 5498, Kampala – UGANDA EA.
Tel: (+256) 038 410611
Fax: (+256) 038 410100