The University of Northern Colorado

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About Us

The University of Northern Colorado is the general institution of higher learning studies located in Greeley, Colorado, USA with a vision to be a leading student-centered university that promotes effective teaching, lifelong learning, the advancement of knowledge, research, and a commitment to service. Graduates are educated in the Liberal Arts and professionally prepared to live and contribute effectively in a rapidly changing, technologically advanced society.

 Programs Offered

Within each college are several schools that administer the academic programs.[

  • College of Education and Behavioral Sciences
    • School of Educational Research Leadership and Technology;
    • School of Psychological Sciences
    • School of Applied Psychology and Counselor Education
    • School of Special Education; and Teacher Education
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • School of Communication
    • School of English Language and Literature
    • School of History, Philosophy, and Political Science
    • School of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
    • School of Social Sciences
  • College of Natural and Health Sciences
    • School of Biological Sciences
    • School of Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics
    • School of Human Sciences
    • School of Mathematical Sciences
    • School of Nursing
    • School of Sport and Exercise Science
  • College of Performing and Visual Arts
    • School of Art and Design
    • School of Music
    • School of Theatre Arts and Dance
  • Kenneth W. Monfort College of Business
    • School of Accounting and Computer Information Systems
    • School of Finance and Quantitative Methods
    • School of Management and Marketing
  • University College
    • Undeclared
    • Environmental and Sustainability Studies
    • Self-Designed Major

    Admission and Applications