Temple University

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Temple University is a government institution of higher learning education which has clear aims to offer in education sector in United State of America.Temple University’s history begins in 1884, when a young working man asked Russell Conwell if he could tutor him at night. A well-known Philadelphia minister, Conwell quickly said yes. It wasn’t long before he was teaching several dozen students—working people who could only attend class at night but had a strong desire to make something of themselves. Conwell recruited volunteer faculty to participate in the burgeoning night school, and in 1888 he received a charter of incorporation for “The Temple College.” His founding vision for the school was to provide superior educational opportunities for academically talented and highly motivated students, regardless of their backgrounds or means.

Program s Offered

Accounting B.B.A.

Actuarial Science B.B.A.

Adult and Organizational Development B.A.

Advertising B.A.

African American Studies B.A.

American Studies B.A.

Anthropology B.A.

Applied Mathematics B.S.

Architectural Preservation B.S.

Architecture B.S.Arch.

Art B.F.A.

Art (TUJ Only) B.A.

Art Education B.S.Ed.

Art History B.A.

Asian Studies B.A.

Athletic Training B.S.A.T.


Biochemistry B.S.

Bioengineering B.S.BIOE.

Biology B.A., B.S.

Biology with Teaching B.S.

Biophysics B.S.

Business Management B.B.A.


Career and Technical Education B.S.Ed.

Ceramics/Glass B.F.A.

Chemistry B.A., B.S.

Chemistry with Teaching B.S.

Civil Engineering B.S.C.E.

Classics B.A.

Communication Studies B.A.

Community Development B.S.

Composition (Music) B.M.

Computer Science B.A., B.S.

Construction Management Technology B.S.E.T.

Criminal Justice B.A.