Stony Brook University

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Stony Brook University is a government university of higher learning education which has clear aims to offer in education sector.The university aims is to innovation, energy and progress, transforming the lives of people who earn degrees, work and make groundbreaking discoveries here. A dramatic trajectory of growth has turned what was once a small teacher preparation college into an internationally recognized research institution that is changing the world.

Programs Offered

Accounting, minor

Adapted Aquatics, minor

Africana Studies, B.A., minor

American Studies, B.A., minor

Anthropology, B.A., minor

Applied Mathematics and Statistics, B.S., B.S./M.S., B.S./M.P.H., minor

Art, Studio, B.A., minor

Art History and Criticism, B.A., minor

Asian and Asian American Studies, B.A., minor

Astronomy/Planetary Sciences, B.S., minor

Athletic Training, B.S.

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, B.S.

Biochemistry, B.S., B.S./M.S.

Bioengineering, minor

Biology, B.S., minor, Secondary Teacher Education

Biomaterials, minor

Biomedical Engineering, B.E.

Business Management, B.S., minor

Chemical and Molecular Engineering, B.E.

Chemistry, B.S., B.A., B.S./M.S., minor, Secondary Teacher Education

Child and Family Studies, minor

China Studies, minor

Cinema and Cultural Studies, B.A., minor

Civil Engineering

Classical Civilization, minor

Clinical Laboratory Sciences, B.S.

Coastal Environmental Studies, B.S., minor

Community Service Learning, living learning center minor

Comparative Literature, B.A., minor

Computer Engineering, B.E., B.E./M.S.

Computer Science, B.S., B.S./M.S., minor

Creative Writing, minor


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