Saint Joseph University of Tanzania

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About us

Group Institutions Of Sjuit

St.Joseph College Of Engineering And Technology, (Sjcet), Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

St. Joseph College Of Information Technology Songea, Tanzania

St.Joseph College Of Agricultural Sciences And Technology, (Sjcast), Songea, Tanzania

St.Joseph College Of Management And Finance, (Sjcmaf), Makambako, Tanzania

Dmi- St. Eugene University, Lusaka, Zambia

Dmi- University Of John The Baptist, Mangochi, Malawi

Good Shepherd Secondary Science School, Songea, Tanzania

Dmi Womens World, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Child In The Sun, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Dmi Group Of Institutions In India

Dmi College Of Engineering – Palanchoor, Chennai

Loyola Institute Of Technology – Palanchoor, Chennai

St. Joseph College Of Engineering – Seriperumbudur, Chennai

St. Joseph College Of Engineering & Technology – Elupatti, Tanjavur

Dmi Engineering College – Aralvaimozhi, Kanyakumari

Christ The King College Of Engineering & Technology – Coimbatore

St. Joseph Arts & Science College – Kovoor, Chennai

Dmi College Of Education – Palanchoor, Chennai

St. Joseph Residential School – Seriperumbudur, Chennai

Loyola International School – Palanchoor, Chennai


DMI Global Institution of Learning and Training under the aegis of DMI St. Joseph Group of Institutions in Africa and DMI India, is a unique programme of its kind. This twining programme offers a chance for the students to visit another country and spend two semesters or one year at the campus abroad where the students are exposed to new economy, new culture, new environment and modern industrial and management practices.

All these are covered under the same tuition fees. The student has to bear his travel, boarding and lodging expenses only. Since DMI is having colleges in India, the accommodation is subsidized. Students are encouraged to save money from the pre-entry level onwards to share the expenses for this programme. DMI-GILT is all set to make the students of St. Joseph Group of Institutions shine, with brighter colours, among the contemporaries.

Programs offered

Diploma Programs In St.Joseph University In Tanzania

1.Diploma In Civil Engineering (D.C.E.)

2.Diploma In Mechanical Engineering (D.M.E.)

3.Diploma In Electrical & Electronic Engineering (D.E.E.E.)

4.Diploma In Electronics & Communication Engineering (D.E.C.E.)

5.Diploma In Computer Technology (D.C.T.)

6.Diploma In Information Technology (D.I.T.)

Degree Programs In St.Joseph University In Tanzania

The college first of its kind offering 4 years Bachelor Degree programmes and 3 years Diplomas Programmes, approved by NACTE- Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, located at Dar-Es-Salaam. The college is well equipped with all the required modern facilities and amenities.

1.Bachelor In Civil Engineering ( B.E.)

2.Bachelor In Mechanical Engineering ( B.E.)

3.Bachelor In Electrical & Electronics Engineering. ( B.E.)

4.Bachelor In Electronics & Communication Engineering ( B.E.)

5.Bachelor In Computer Science Engineering ( B.E.)

6.Bachelor In Inforamtion Technology (B.Tech.)

Admission and application

Instruction Of St.Joseph University In Tanzania

Regular and punctual attendance in theory, practical, field work and class test etc. are required of every regular student in order to be eligible to appear for the examination. In the case of persistent negligence of work, repeated failures at examination or unreasonable delay in presenting oneself for such examination a student may be required to withdraw from the Institution.

When a student is absent due to illness or for any other genuine cause, a written application with medical certificate from a doctor must be sent to the Head of the Department

Students are required to replace or repair an apparatus or other property destroyed or damaged due to their fault.

All fee and privileges (scholarships) will be forfeited if a student is dismissed for bad conduct or any other such reasons.

The Principal reserves the right to remove the name of any student from the roll due to.

Failure to pay college fee in time.

Unsatisfactory conduct.

Any student will be liable for rustication for behaving in a manner subversive to discipline or for any grave misconduct like taking part in any kind of hooliganism either inside or outside the Institute and/or hostel premises, intimidation to any one belonging to the Institute, unauthorized absence from attending classes, taking part in any unacademic and antisocial activity, any act of similar nature and conviction in court of law for criminal offences.

The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission/registration at his own discretion to any student at the beginning of any academic semester, for reason of his/her behaving in a manner subversive to discipline or for any grave misconduct and whose behaviour/activity in the opinion of the Principal may not be considered as conducive to the maintenance of discipline in the Institute.


Gender balance is justified by providing free accommodation for girl students in the womens Hostel. Scholarships and concession in fees is also offered to girl students. Hence, they select our institution for their studies coupled with quality and discipline which attracts girl students from Zanzibar, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya and other far off places. First three School toppers of the region from secondary school education who join our Diploma Programmes are offered full scholarships and the first three toppers from each school are given partial scholarships which is an unique opportunity offered by our organization.


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