National University of Rwanda

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About Us

National University of Rwanda is a general university in Rwanda which was opened on 3rd November 1963 as the first Rwandan institution of higher learning, with a mission to provide higher education, conduct research, and offer services to the community. It is located in the Southern Province, 150 km south of the capital city of Kigali

Programs Offered

Faculty and schools

School for Foundation Language Skills
School of Public Health
Faculty of Economics and Management
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Applied Sciences
The Faculty of Arts, Media and Social Sciences
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Medicine


Admission and Applications

The National University of Rwanda offers a variety of courses to all part time and full time students that meet the university’s admission requirements. Our undergraduate programs provide students with several degree courses and joint degree combinations that prepare our students to become competitive on the job-market as well as job-creation elsewhere.

Admission Requirements

The National University of Rwanda admits both full time and part-time students. To be admitted to a Bachelor’s Degree program on a full-time or part-time, Rwandan students should hold a Rwandan valid certificate of secondary education or equivalent. Certificate for Students from outside Rwanda are evaluated by a committee chaired by the registrar.

In general below are the admission requirements for any undergraduate program. On first registration, the full-time or part-time student shall provide the following documents:

• 1 notified copy of higher education certificate or any other certificate deemed equivalent

• 1 copy of transcripts of the last secondary school year and/or where necessary higher education year

• 1 copy of a medical certificate dating from less than 3 months

• 1 copy of birth certificate or any other legal proof

• 1 copy of identity card or passport

• 2 passport size photographs

• A bank-slip as proof of payment of required fee