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About Us

National University of Lesotho has the vision to be a leading African university responsive to national needs; committed to high quality teaching, life-long learning, research and community service, respected nationally and internationally. Also has the mission to promote national advancement through innovative teaching, learning, research and professional services, producing high calibre and responsible graduates able to serve their communities with diligence

Programs Offered

  1. Faculty of Agriculture
  2. Faculty of Education
  3. Faculty of Health Sciences
  4. Faculty of Humanities
  5. Faculty of Law
  6. Faculty of Science and Technology
  7. Faculty of Social Sciences

Admission and Applications

The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. This pages is about general information regarding application/admission dates, tuition fees, scholarship prospects, etc.

1.2.Admission Dates

The detailed requirements for admission into departments, and the procedure to be followed in making an application can be found in the Regulation section of the individual Faculty Handbooks. Prospective applicants may obtain forms from the University Admission Secretary. The forms must be returned directly to the Admissions Secretary, NUL P.O. Roma 180 Lesotho. Deadline for receiving filled application forms is 31st March each year.

It must be stressed that application for a Government, or other Scholarships tenable at NUL does not take the place of application to the University for admission. However, prospective applicants need not wait until they are assured of a Scholarship before applying for admission to the University: the two applications can go forward in parallel. Similarly, there is no objection to students who are applying for places or courses at other universities or educational institutions also applying to NUL in parallel, if they are appropriately qualified. Indeed they are encouraged to do so.

As far as the University is concerned, however, it must be stressed that no application can be considered until all the forms and other requirements outlined in the Admission Regulations in the Faculty Handbooks have been received.

1.3.Scholarships and Fees

Details about University fees and deposits can be obtained on request from the Admissions Secretary or as part of the information papers sent to prospective applicants. It should be noted that statutory fees and expenses do not include the cost of books, notebooks, stationery, personal laboratory equipment, personal sports equipment, medical attention, repair of clothes, dry cleaning, etc. The cost of travel to and from the University is entirely the student’s responsibility.

Many governments are prepared to offer scholarships or grants to prospective students and information about these should be obtained from the appropriate authority in the country concerned. Some NGOs, International Organisations, industrial trusts, and corporations also offer awards, usually through the appropriate government or agency, and information about these should be sought accordingly.

Although every effort will be made to ensure that no student is deprived of an opportunity to study for lack of money, admission to the University does not imply that a scholarship is available.

The University does not make loans of any nature to students.


Prospective students should note that the Governments of Lesotho and South Africa maintain control posts on their borders and require the production, at these posts, of passports or other travel documents valid for travel to, and residence in Lesotho. Students from countries other than Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland require visas in order to transit the Republic of South Africa and application for these should be made to the appropriate South African Embassy in good time, (Usually at least 6 months in advance of your travel date).

It should be noted that fares to and from the University are the responsibility of students themselves, but educational concessions can usually be obtained provided application is made in good time. Non?Basotho students at Roma are also required to obtain a residence permit under the appropriate local Immigration Laws.

The Moshoeshoe I International Airport, is situated 28 km from Roma. Taxi service directly from the airport to Roma is not available. Students, Staff members, and other guests to the University flying into the country are best advised to connect with buses to Roma from Maseru.

Students are advised to have a reasonable amount of Lesotho currency (Maloti or S.A. Rand) on entry into the country.



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