Mountains of the Moon University

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About Us

The idea of starting a University in the Rwenzori region was conceived in 2000 and Mountains of the Moon University (MMU) was registered and incorporated as a company Limited by Guarantee on 28th June 2002. The University is aimed at being an educational and service centre for the Community and furthermore an institution for research: libraries, laboratories and archives to give the opportunity for scientific research.

The purpose of establishing the University in this way was to ensure that no individual or group of individuals could have a financial stake in the University with the purpose of taking a profit for themselves. All surpluses, if any, must, by design be retained and used for the development of the University. The other purpose of establishing the University in this way was to ensure that it remained in the ownership of the local communities of Rwenzori Region expressed through representation on the University governing bodies. The University is not affiliated with, but is supported by the District Local Councils, the local religious groups, individuals and businesses men of the Rwenzori Region.

The development of MMU in the coming decade will be based on the following three pillars;

1. Competiveness of our graduates

2. Effectiveness and efficiency of operations

3. Quality assurance

Our attention is on providing improved quality of teaching and learning and adopting curricula which are responsive and sensitive to the needs of Uganda’s rapidly developing economy.

As MMU moves forward in the coming decade, one of the principal objectives associated with quality assurance will be to ensure adequate policies and structures are in place to achieve and maintain quality. This will not only apply to the core functions of teaching, research and service to the community but also the supporting functions of financial and administrative management, governance, human resources, marketing and partnership building.

Quality assurance does not end at the creation of policies and strategies. Rather, it is essential that this robust and effective quality assurance system progresses against targets that are continuously monitored and reviewed, and that strategies are revised as necessary to ensure quality is achieved and maintained.

Programs Offered

At the moment there are 6 main study programmes offered which generally include certificate, Diploma and Degree options. The academic courses on offer are organised under the following Schools:

  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Agricultural Sciences
  • School of Education
  • School of Business and Management Studies
  • School of Social Sciences and Public Administration
  • School of Informatics and Computing

Admission and Applications

The office of Registrar Academic, Mountains of the Moon University invites applications for admission to the University for Degree, Diploma and Certificate programmes for academic year 2013/2014

Download the application form and use Acrobat Reader to read and print the application form.

Also read the How to apply section in the application form.

For the continuing students willing to apply for a dead year, the application can be downloaded from the following link below.

Downlaod Application for Short Courses by clicking on the link below

For scholarships follow the link below