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Welcome to Mount Meru University

At Mount Meru University (MMU) we believe that education is a lifelong process through which all human beings have to undergo. It is a process that encompasses all areas of life with the objective of enabling one to cope with the challenges of life and exploit potentials of his or her environment. Functionally, we understand education to be a creative process of acquiring knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and habits that shape one’s character in a given community.

MMU will provide you with real opportunity to acquire education that is rational, restorative and life-enhancing rather than simply an efficient paradigm for informational transmission. Here, you will find education that aims at making you not only a literate person, but also which will equip you with real knowledge, wisdom, grace and moral uprightness.

With its international composition of staff and students, MMU is an ideal institution that will enable you to broaden your worldview and intellectual outlook to fit within the global society, and effectively apply your knowledge and skills in a wider context. It is a growing institution for growing scholars. We, therefore, welcome you to the growing community of scholars for a better society.





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