Mount Kenya University

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 About us

Mount Kenya University is the leading private university inclined towards Science and Technology programmes. We are about discovering possibilities and potentials for students fresh out of high school, transfer students, returning students pursuing advanced degrees and faculty and staff who are passionate about their fields.

MKU targets at providing science and technology education as a major vehicle for attaining and sustaining industrial development of Kenya which is consistent with the overall needs of university education in Kenya. Whether you are considering undergraduate, graduate, diploma or certification studies, you will find MKU rises to the challenge.

We offer a world-class education in a beautiful campus located away from the disruptions and distractions of a big city. Located 45KM from Nairobi, and connected by the Nairobi-Thika highway, MKU is easily accessible.

The surrounding industries and health facilities make MKU the ideal place to get real world opportunities in different areas of study, allowing students to get practical real-world experiences by taking part in on-site training opportunities.

Our Vision
To be a centre of excellence in training, research and innovation in Science & Technology in Africa

Our Mission
To attain world class standards in training and innovation for sustainable individual prosperity and social development.

Our Philosophy
To harness knowledge in applied Sciences and technology for the service of humanity

Programs offered

School of Business and Public Management

  • Doctor of Philosophy in: Business Administration and Management
  • Master of Arts –Governance and Ethics
  • Master of Arts in Public Administration and Management
  • Master of Science in Procurement and Supplies Management
  • Master of Arts in Applied Conflict Transformation
  • MSc Hospitality Management
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
  • Bachelor of Economics and Finance
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Airline and Travel Management
  • BSc in Hospitality Management
  • BSc in Travel and Tourism Management
  • Diploma/Certificate in Accounting
  • Diploma/Certificate in Financial Science
  • Diploma/certificate  in Hospitality Management
  • Diploma/certificate  in Travel and Tourism Management
  • Diploma/certificate in Business & Office Management
  • Diploma/certificate in Supplies & Procurement Management
  • Diploma/certificate in Business Administration
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Diploma/certificate  in Business Management
  • Diploma/certificate  in Project Management
  • Diploma/certificate in Public Relations & Diplomacy
  • Diploma/Advanced certificate in Micro Finance
  • Diploma/certificate  in  Banking and Finance
  • Master of Science in Hospitality Management (Msc.HM)
  • Bachelor of Science Travel and Tourism Management (BSc.TTM)
  • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSc.HM)
  • Diploma/certificate in Travel and Tourism Management DTTM)
  • Diploma/certificate in Hospitality Management (DHM)
  • Bachelor of Business Management
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in project planning and Management

School of Social Sciences

Department of Economics

  • Master of Arts (Monitoring and Evaluation)
  • Master of Arts in Environmental Security and Sustainable Development
  • Master of Development Studies
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Bachelor of Development Studies
  • Bachelor of Social Work and Administration
  • Certificate in Community Development and Social Work
  • Diploma in Community Development and Social Work

Department of Humanities

  • PhD in Christian Religious Studies
  • Master  in Geography
  • Master  in History
  • Master in Christian Religious Education
  • Master in African Traditional Religion
  • Master in Islamic Religious Education
  • Master in Philosophy
  • Master in International Relations and Diplomacy
  • Bachelor of arts in Geography
  • Bachelor of arts in History
  • Bachelor of arts in Christian Religious Education  and
  • Bachelor of arts in Islamic Religious Education
  • Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
  • Diploma in Geography
  • Diploma in History
  • Diploma in Christian Religious Education
  • Certificate in Geography Bridging
  • Certificate  in History Bridging
  • Certificate  in Christian Religious Education Bridging

Department of Languages

  • Ph.D Kiswahili by thesis
  • Ph.D Literature by thesis
  • Ph.D English & linguistics by thesis
  • Ph.D English and linguistics by course work, examination and thesis
  • Ph.D Literature by course work, examination and thesis
  • M.A English language and linguistics
  • M.A Kiswahili
  • M.A Literature
  • Certificate in Bridging Kiswahili
  • Certificate in Bridging English
  • B.A Foreign languages (French, Arabic, German)
  • Certificate in English language and proficiency
  • Certificate in Chinese Language and proficiency

          Department of Psychology

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Counseling Psychology
  • Masters of Arts (MA) in Counseling Psychology
  • Bachelor of Counseling Psychology
  • Diploma in Counseling Psychology

School of Law

  • Bachelor of Laws  (LLB)


  1. Department of Public Health

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Health
  • Certificate in Community Health Programme
  • Diploma in Community Health and HIV/AIDS Management
  • Master of Public Health

2. Department of Dental Technology

  • Bachelor of Science in Dental Technology (BSDT)
  • Diploma in Dental Technology (DDT)
  • Diploma in Community Oral Health (DCOH)

  3. Department of  Medical Laboratory Sciences

  • PhD (Areas of specialization in MLS)
  • Master of Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • BSc. Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Diploma Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Diploma Biomedical Laboratory Sciences

4. Department of Clinical Medicine

  • Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Records  and Information Management
  • Diploma in Clinical Medicine
  • Diploma in Health Records and Information Technology
  • Certificate  in Health Records and Information Technology

5. Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Bachelor of Science Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Diploma in Clinical and Community Nutrition
  • Certicate in Clinical and Community Nutrition


School of Pharmacy
School of Nursing
School of Pure and Applied Sciences
School of Education


Admissions and Applications

Application Procedure

Mt Kenya University strives to admit those applicants who are best prepared to benefit from and contribute to MKU academic community. Admission specialists will review your application and supporting documentation carefully to assess your overall academic preparation. In evaluating your application, the University will consider the following factors:

  • Mean Grade scores achieved in High School
  • The strength of your high school course work
  • Grades earned in core subjects depending on the specific programmes in which you are interested
  • Additional information you provided in support of your application.

Before you apply for admission at MKU, you are encouraged to carefully consider the various degree and diploma programmes available and to meet with an adviser and when you decide MKU is the place you want to be. Admission to MKU is on a first come first serve basis so be sure to complete your application early.

Whether you are interested in undergraduate or graduate studies, diploma or certificate programmes, you will find that MKU has a variety of programmes to chose from in fulfilling your educational and career goals.

Duly filled application forms should be addressed to the Registrar- academic Affairs.

Application should be accompanied by copies of relevant academic and professional certificates.

Application fee differs according to the level of course being applied for. i.e

Kshs 1,000 For Certificate, Diplomas and Undergraduate programmes

Kshs 2,000 For Post-Graduate programmes for Kenyan applicants and US Dollars 50 for all non-Kenyan applicants

Mode of Payment:

Payment to be deposited in either of the following Bank Accounts
Equity Bank, ACC. No-   0090292435067
KCB Bank, Acc. No –  1121032222
Coop Bank, Acc. No – 01129279981300
Fina Bank, ACC. No- 2014200002
Standard Chartered Bank, ACC. No- 0102049817400
Family Bank, ACC. No- 005000019336

Money Order / Banker’s Cheque payable to Mount Kenya University.

Please note
Application for admission does not guarantee admission into the University for course applied for, this will be subject to fulfillment of all requirements and class size as approved by the University Senate.For further information, kindly enquire from the Registrar, Academic Affairs the programmes being offered at our campuses and study centres:
Office of Registrar
Mount Kenya University
PO Box 342 – 01000