Misurata University-Libya

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About Us

At the university of Misurata, we deliver a top-class student experience, research-  led teaching and our graduate employability record is excellent. The number of our students pursuing higher level studies is well above the national average.   The University continues to evolve, reflecting an ever-changing world, which drives the development of our areas of research excellence and strength. We are leading the way in multidisciplinary work in biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences, housed in a new £10 million centre, for example.We are committed to maintaining a supportive, challenging and high-quality experience for students and staff alike and to preserving the heritage and beauty of some of the most beautiful university campuses in Libya.

Programs Offered

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Economics and Political Science

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Dentistry and oral surgery

Faculty of Nursing

Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Information Technology