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Mayville State University is a general institution of higher learning education which has the clear vision and mission to offer in education sector.The university vision is tobe known for continuing academic excellence in a cooperative, enjoyable learning environment that anticipates and responds to individual needs.While the mission of the university is to educate and guide students, as individuals, so that they may realize their full career potential and enhance their lives. We do this in an environment that reflects our tradition of personal service, commitment to innovative technology-enriched education and dynamic learning relationships with community, employers and society.As a member of the North Dakota University System, Mayville State University offers undergraduate degrees.

Programs Offered


Biology B.S.

Biology Education Minor

Biology Minor

Composite in Biology Education B.S.Ed.

Plasmid Science Certificate


Business Administration

Accounting Minor

Business Administration B.A.S.

Business Administration B.S.

Business Administration Minor

Business Management A.A.

Business Administration Distance B.S. LRSC

Business Administration Distance B.S. WSC


Chemistry B.S.

Chemistry Minor

Chemistry Education Minor

Composite in Chemistry Education B.S.Ed.

Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Science B.S.


Communication B.S.

Communication Minor

Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems B.S.

Computer Information Systems B.A.S.

Computer Information Systems Minor

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Education B.S.Ed.

Early Childhood B.A.

Early Childhood A.A.

Teacher Education

Secondary Professional Education Certification

Studies in Education B.A.

Elementary Education B.S.Ed.

Elementary Education Off-campus-B.S.Ed.

Early Childhood Education B.S.Ed.

Special Needs Generalist Minor

Early Childhood Education Minor


English B.A.

English Education B.S.Ed.

English Minor

English Education Minor


Geography Education B.S.Ed.

Geography Minor

Geography Education Minor


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