Kigali Lay Adventist University

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About Us

Kigali Lay Adventist University is a private University in Rwanda with the vision of Contribute to the national development by providing well-educated citizens capable of handling developmental challenges, with much emphasis on quality education both on moral and intellectual basis, able to develop the spirit of know-how, creativity and performance in accordance with the vision 2020. Also have the mission of promote education, scientific and technological research as well as the service to the community.

Programs Offered


Faculty of Environmental Studies

Faculty of Law

Faculy of Economic Sciences and Management

Admission and Applications

Required documents (to be presented to the Admission Service)

a) New students:

– A well-filled and signed application form for admission available at the Registration Office or on the website of INILAK;
– A certified copy of the secondary school certificate or its equivalent, and academic transcripts for student from other Institutions of Higher Education;
– A medical certificate;
– A copy of health insurance;
– A copy of the identity card (a passport or another document in place of passport for foreign students);
– 2 passport photos
– A bank slip of admission fees payment (3, 000 RWF non-refundable).

b) Registration (all students)

– Present the academic transcript of the last academic year attended (except new students);
– Present a payment slip of registration fees (RWF 30.000 non-refundable).


Registration fees are not refundable (Art. 23 of the General Academic Regulations). Tuition fees shall be paid in three announced installments and, at least RWF 75,000 must be paid during registration. These two types of fees (registration fees and tuition fees) are fixed before the beginning of the academic year.

Application Form

Form downloads