Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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Indiana University of Pennsylvania is a general university of higher learning studies which was created in 1875 for the purpose of offering academic programs including 140 undergraduate degree programs and 70 graduate degree programs under the direction of eight different colleges.

Programs Offered


African Studies, see Pan-African Studies


Anthropology, Applied Track*

Anthropology, Archaeology Track*

Anthropology, General Track*

Anthropology Education, see Social Science Education, Anthropology Concentration

Applied Physics, see Physics, Applied Track

Archaeology, see Anthropology, Archaeology Track


Art Education*

Art, History Track

Art, Studio Track (BA)

Art Studio (BFA)

Asian Studies

Athletic Training

Baking and Pastry Arts



Biology (BA)*

Biology (BS) (Family Medicine Concentration and Honors Track available)

Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology Track*

Biology, Environmental Health Track*

Biology, Ecology, Conservation, and Environmental Biology Track*

Biology, Pre-Medical Track*

Biology, Pre-Veterinary Track*

Biology Education*

Business Computing, see Management Information Systems

Business Education*

Business Information Systems, see Management Information Systems

Business, International, see International Business

Dance, see Interdisciplinary Fine Arts, Dance Arts Track

Dentistry (Pre-Dentistry Track, Natural Science major)

Design, see Art, Studio Track (BA) or Art Studio (BFA)

Dietetics, see Nutrition, Dietetics Track

Dietetics, Culinary, see Nutrition, Culinary Dietetics

Disability Services

Disability Services Sociology, see Sociology, Sociology of Disability Services Track

Drawing, see Art, Studio Track (BA) or Art Studio (BFA)


Phone: (724) 357-2100