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About Us

Indiana State University Has the vision to improving our communities, Indiana State University will be known nationally for academic, cultural, and research opportunities designed to ensure the success of its people and their work. Hence the mission is to combines a tradition of strong undergraduate and graduate education with a focus on community and public service. We integrate teaching, research, and creative activity in an engaging, challenging, and supportive learning environment to prepare productive citizens for Indiana and the world.

Programs Offered

Arts and Sciences

Advanced Study in Public Administration

Advanced Study in Public Personnel Administration

Art (Studio)      M.A.

Biology (with thesis and non-thesis options) M.S.

Biology (with specializations in ecology, microbiology, and physiology)      Ph.D.

Clinical Psychology     Psy.D.

Communication          M.A.

Computer Science       M.S.

Criminology and Criminal Justice       M.A./M.S.

Earth and Quaternary Sciences          M.S.

English             M.A.

Fine Arts          M.F.A.

Genomic Advocacy     Graduate Certificate

Geography      M.A.

History             M.A./M.S.

Mathematics   M.A./M.S.

Music (with concentrations in conducting, music education, and music performance)       M.M.

Piano Pedagogy          Graduate Certificate

Psychology (general) M.A./M.S.

Public Administration             M.P.A.

Spatial and Earth Sciences      Ph.D.

Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language      Graduate Certificate

Business          Program

Business Administration         M.B.A.

Education        Program

Clinical Mental Health Counseling     M.S.

Communication Disorders—Speech Language Pathology (Institutional and Agency Settings)         M.A./M.S.

Communication Disorders—Speech Language Pathology (School Service Personnel)         M.A./M.S.

Computer Education License and Educational Technology Facilitation        Graduate Licensure

Curriculum and Instruction     M.Ed.

Curriculum and Instruction     Ph.D.

Curriculum, Instruction, and Media Technology for Higher Education and Industry            Graduate Certificate

Director of Career and Technical Education—Post-Master’s Non-Degree License Program           Graduate Licensure

Director of Curriculum and Instruction—Initial License Post-Master’s Non-Degree Program         Graduate Licensure

Director of Exceptional Needs—Initial License Post-Master’s Non-Degree Program          Graduate Licensure

Educational Administration    Ph.D.

Educational Technology          M.S.

Elementary Education            M.Ed.

Gifted and Talented Endorsement—Non-Degree      Graduate Licensure

Guidance and Psychological Services—School Psychology    Ph.D.

Instructional Design    Graduate Certificate

Learning Disabilities, Emotionally Handicapped, Mental Retardation, or Gifted and Talented Non-Degree Endorsement   Graduate Endorsement

Mental Health Counselor Endorsement Non-Degree Certification Program            Graduate Certificate

Reading Teacher Licensure    Graduate Licensure

School Administration             Ed.S.

School Administration and Supervision—Initial License Post-Master’s Non-Degree Program         Graduate Licensure

School Administration and Supervision          M.Ed.

School Counseling       M.Ed.

School Counselor Post-Master’s Non-Degree License Program        Graduate Licensure

School Counselor—Professional License        Graduate Licensure

School Counselor—Standard License             Graduate Licensure

School Psychology       Ed.S.

Secondary Teacher—Post-Baccalaureate Non-Degree Licensure     Graduate Licensure

Special Education        M.S.

Student Affairs and Higher Education            M.S.

Visual Impairment Non-Degree License Program for Exceptional Needs     Graduate Licensure

Nursing (with concentrations in family nurse practitioner, nursing administration, and nursing education)             M.S.

Nursing Education Post-Master’s Certificate             Graduate Certificate

Occupational Therapy            M.S.

Physical Education (with specializations in coaching and exercise science)             M.A./M.S.

Physical Therapy         D.P.T.

Physician Assistant Studies     M.S.

Recreation and Sport Management   M.S.

Social Work     M.S.W.

Technology      Program

Career and Technical Education for Teacher Licensure        M.S.

Electronics and Computer Technology           M.S.

Human Resource Development          Graduate Certificate

Human Resource Development for Higher Education and Industry M.S.

Occupational Safety Management     M.A./M.S.

Safety Management   Graduate Certificate

Technology Management       M.S.

Technology Management       Ph.D.


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