Central Business Institute, Swaziland

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About Us

Central Business Institute, Swaziland has the mission to be The Management Development Resources Center for Africa, promoting regional integration and development in Africa through training, organizational and institutional capacity development, research, high quality advisory and consulting services.
Our aim is to provide FREE TRAINING and COURSES to Swazis to make them useful part of the society and here-in-after useful part of international skilled force. Our core mission is to empower the Swazis with immediate earning capacity through learning the industry demanded courses which have a great potential in terms of starting earning even at home using latest Information Technology
Programs Offered
Department of Business Management
Department of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology

The Department consists of professional lecturers

Department of English Language

Central Business Institute’s English

Department of Health and Social Care

The Health and Social Care Department

Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management

Central Business Institute’s courses are tailored to prepare students for management careers in the hotel, food service and tourism sectors.

The Department’s primary

Professional and Shorts Courses

Central Business Institute offers variety of professional courses, tailored to prepare students for professional career in the national and multinational companies. These courses include ACCA, CAT, CIMA.
Central Business Institute also offers number of short courses including Web Developing and E- Marketing. A special course which is sepcially designed for Businessmen is “Certificate in Global Entrepreneurship”.

Admission and Applications

Central Business Institute, Swaziland welcomes applications from students resident in any country. Applications can be made in one of two ways:

Online Application Form

Students can apply using our Online Application Form which is easy, simple and straightforward to complete. First, select the course, read it’s content and if you find the course RIGHT COURSE for your future, then use Online Application Form. After applying Online, please scan the other supporting documents e.g. I.D/Passport copy, Qualifications, English Test Score etc by and email it to us at:

Postal application
You can apply using our paper-based application form following two steps:
Obtain the Application Form from the Institute:
by email: admissions@cbiSwaziland.com or
by post to Central Business Institute, Swaziland
or by telephone: 076142600
The Institute will send you the application form along with the information pack within 24 hours of receiving your request.

Completing the Paper Application form
Read the prospectus carefully before filling in the Application Form. Assess your future plans for further training or paid employment. Write/Type clearly and legibly using capital letters and in BLACK ink. Please contact the Institute for any help, advice or guidance that you may need to complete the application form.
Candidates must complete an Application Form provided by the Institute/ International Representatives after reading the rules and regulations of the Institute. All the necessary documents must be submitted along with the application form. The documents must include the following and any other documents required by the Institute:

  • One passport size photograph
  • Copies of your relevant qualifications /certificates
  • Copy of your passport

Registration Fee
US$100 (non-refundable)
An incomplete/illegible application form or unclear photocopies of documents etc may delay the processing of the application.

After applying…

Provisional Offer Letter (Conditional Letter)
Once your application form has been processed, you will be sent an email to confirm that the Institute is willing to offer you a place on the course subject to the payment of the registration fee and the tuition fee in full or by two instalments, the conditions of which will be stated in the Letter.

The Selected Swazi national Students are Exempt from any course fee, excluding to the Professional body examination and Registration Fee. While International Students are subject to the Tuition Fee with Registration Fee.

Banking information
Account Title: Central Business Institute (Pty) Ltd.
Account Number: 62384004512
Bank Name: First National Bank, Swaziland
Branch Code: 282064
Bank Address: Makabongwe Building, Nkoseluhlaza Street
PO Box 645, Manzini, Swaziland
Phone: +268 505 3181/5
Fax: +268 5053 188
Branch Code: 282064

Enrolment Letter (Unconditional Letter)
Upon receipt of the full tuition fee or the first instalment of the fee, the students who are from Non-Visa required countries may make their travel arrangements with the consultation of International Office BEFORE the classes start.

Kingdom of Swaziland: 76418845   |   76143692
Web: www.cbi.ac.sz   |   www.cbiswaziland.com
Email: study@cbi.ac.sz   |  international@cbiswaziland.com
Time Difference: +2 GMT