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About Us

We are a teaching-focused university offering a wide range of programs and services that enable students to succeed in their current studies, in their ongoing education, in their chosen careers, in their lifelong pursuit of knowledge, and in their contribution as responsible citizens in a rapidly changing and diverse global community.

Programs Offered

Access to Work (certificate)
Accounting Assistant (certificate)
Accounting Assistant (diploma)
Accounting Fundamentals Online (certificate)
Acting for Stage and Screen (certificate)
Acting for Stage and Screen (diploma)
Administrative Assistant Online (certificate)
Administrative Fundamentals Online(certificate)
Adult Basic Education (certificate)
Adult Basic Education (diploma)
Animation, 2D (diploma)
Animation, 3D for Film and Games (diploma)
Animation Fundamentals (citation)
Animation Institute (certificate)
Anthropology (courses)
Applied Behaviour Analysis – Autism (bachelor degree)
Applied Behaviour Analysis – Autism (post baccalaureate diploma)
Applied Business Technology Online (certificate)
Applied Ethics (associate degree)
Art History (associate degree)
Art History (courses)
Art Institute (certificate)
Arts and Entertainment Management (Advanced) (certificate)
Arts and Entertainment Management (diploma)
Astronomy (courses)
Biology (associate degree)
Biology (courses)
British Columbia Studies (associate degree)
Business Administration (advanced certificate)
Business Administration (advanced diploma)
Business Administration (bachelor degree)
Business Administration (certificate)
Business Administration (certificate) (Squamish)
Business Administration (certificate) (Sunshine Coast)
Business Administration (diploma)
Business Fundamentals (certificate)
Business in Tourism (certificate) (Sunshine Coast)

Chemistry (courses)
Chinese (courses)
Cinematography for Film and Video (certificate)
College & University Preparation
Commerce (courses)
Communication Studies (bachelor degree)
Communication Studies (diploma)
Community Development & Outreach
Community Leadership and Social Change (diploma)
Community Music School
Computer Animation and Visual Effects (citation)
Computer Fundamentals Online (certificate)
Computing Science (courses)
Conducting in Music (certificate)
Continuing Studies & Executive Education
Costuming for Stage and Screen (diploma)
Creative Writing (associate degree)
Criminal Law Practice and Procedure (citation)
Criminology (courses)
CultureNet (associate degree)

Design – Visual Communication (bachelor degree)
Digital Visual Effects (diploma)
Discover Employability (certificate)
Documentary (certificate)
Early Childhood Care and Education (bachelor degree)
Early Childhood Care and Education (certificate)
Early Childhood Care and Education (certificate) (Sunshine Coast)
Early Childhood Care and Education (diploma)
Early Childhood Care and Education (post baccalaureate diploma)
Economics (courses)
Education Assistant (EA) (certificate)
Education and Career Planning (courses) (Squamish)
ElderU (North Vancouver)
ElderU (Sunshine Coast)
Employment Skills Access
Engineering – First year (courses)
Engineering Transition (diploma)
English (associate degree – Creative Writing)
English (associate degree – Concentration)
English (courses)
English for Academic Purposes/ESL (certificates and citations)
European Union Study Tour
Foundations in Illustration and Design (certificate)
French (courses)

Gateways: Personal Management and Planning (citation) (Sunshine Coast)
Geography (courses)
Geology (courses)
German (courses)
Global Stewardship (associate degree)
Grip Work for Digital Imaging and Film

Health Care Assistant (certificate) (North Vancouver)
Health Care Assistant (certificate) (Sunshine Coast)
History (courses)
Human Kinetics – Exercise Science Stream (diploma)
Human Kinetics – Physical Education Stream (diploma)

Illustration/Design: Elements and Applications (IDEA) (diploma)
Illustration/Design: Elements and Applications (IDEA)  – see Design in Visual Communications (bachelor degree)
Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking (certificate)
Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking (diploma)
Interactive Design (diploma)
International Management (graduate diploma)

Japanese (courses)
Jazz Studies (bachelor degree)
Jazz Studies (diploma)
Jazz Studies – Arranging/Composition (bachelor degree)
Jazz Studies – Education Stream (bachelor degree)
Jazz Studies – Instrumental Performance (bachelor degree)
Jazz Studies – Vocal Performance (bachelor degree)

Labour Studies
Languages (courses)
Legal Administrative Assistant (certificate)
Legal Administrative Assistant Online (certificate)
Legal Studies (Paralegal) (bachelor degree)
Lighting for Digital Imaging and Film
Liberal Studies (bachelor degree)
Linguistics (courses)
Local Government Administration (advanced certificate)
Local Government Administration (certificate)
Local Government Administration (diploma)
Local Government Leadership Development (certificate)

Magazine Publishing (certificate)
Mandarin (courses)
Mathematics and Statistics (courses)
Medical Office Assistant Online (certificate)
Motion Picture Arts (bachelor degree)
Motion Picture Arts (certificate)
Motion Picture Arts (diploma)
Mountain Bike Operations (certificate) (Sunshine Coast)
Municipal Administration Training Institute (MATI)
Music (diploma)
Music Therapy (bachelor degree)
Musical Theatre (diploma)
North American and International Management (graduate diploma)
North American Business Management (post baccalaureate diploma)

Outdoor Recreation Management (diploma)

Paralegal (diploma)
Paralegal Certificate and Certificate Online
Performing Arts (bachelor degree)
Philosophy  (courses)
Physics (courses)
Political Studies(courses)
Pre-University Transfer Level (courses)
Professional Communications (certificate)
Professional Communications (advancedcertificate)
Professional Scuba Dive Instructor (certificate) (Sunshine Coast)
Psychology (associate degree)
Psychology (courses)

Rehabilitation Assistant (diploma)
Retail Marketing (certificate)

Self Employment and Career Training
Sociology (courses)
Spanish (courses)
Speech Assisted Reading, Writing and Math (SARAW & SAM)
Squamish Nation Language & Culture (certificate)
Studio Art (diploma)
Studio Art Advanced (courses)
Technical Theatre (diploma)
Textile Arts (advanced certificate)
Textile Arts (diploma)
Theatre Institute – Directing (certificate)
Theatre Institute – Production (certificate)
Tourism Management (bachelor degree)
Tourism Management Co-op (diploma)
Tourism Management for International Students (diploma)
Tourism Marketing (citation)

University Success Strategies

Website Development & Design (certificate)
Wilderness Leadership (Advanced) (certificate) (Squamish)
Women’s and Gender Studies (courses)


Squamish Campus
Capilano University
P.O. Box 1538
1150 Carson Place, Squamish, B.C. V8B 0B1
Tel: 604.892.5322
Call toll-free from the Vancouver area: 604.986.1911, ext. 5800
Fax: 604.892.9274

Sunshine Coast Campus
Capilano University
P.O. Box 1609
5627 Inlet Avenue
Sechelt, B.C. V0N 3A0
Tel: 604.885.9310
Call toll-free from the Vancouver area: 604.986.1911, ext. 5900
Fax: 604.885.9350

Other Useful Numbers

University Switchboard: 604.986.1911
Conflict Resolution Advisor: 604.983.7547
North Shore Taxi: 604.987.7171
Parkway Towing: 604.929.1134
Pay Parking Services: 604.990.7887 (Fax)
Sunshine Cabs: 604.987.3333
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