Botswana International University of Science and Technology-Botswana

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About Us

Botswana International University of Science and Technology has the mission to provide globally competitive and high quality science, engineering and technology academic programmes in order to produce employment-ready graduates through excellence in teaching, learning, research, collaborative partnerships, industry linkages and community engagement.

Programs Offered

BEng Civil and Environmental Engineering

BEng Computer Engineering

BEng Electrical and Electronics Engineering

BEng Electronics Engineering

BEng Energy Engineering

BEng Geological Engineering

BEng Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

BEng Measurement and Instrumentation

BEng Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

BEng Mechatronics

BEng Mining Engineering

BEng Telecommunications Engineering

MEng Civil and Structural Engineering

MEng Computer Engineering

MEng Electrical Engineering

MEng Electronics Engineering

MEng Energy Engineering

MEng Geological Engineering

MEng Industrial and Systems Engineering

MEng Measurement and Instrumentation

MEng Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

MEng Mechatronics

MEng Mining Engineering

MEng Telecomunications Engineering

PhD Biological Sciences

PhD Civil and Structural Engineering

PhD Computer Engineering

PhD Electrical Engineering

PhD Electronics Engineering

PhD Energy Engineering

PhD Geological Engineering

PhD Industrial and Systems Engineering

PhD Measurement and Instrumentation

PhD Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

PhD Mechatronics

PhD Mining Engineering

PhD Telecomunications Engineering

College of Information Communication and Technology

BSc Computer Science

BSc Information Systems and Data Management

MSc Communication Technology

MSc Computer Science

MSc Film Production

MSc Information Systems

PhD Communication Technology

PhD Computer Science

PhD Film Production

PhD Information Systems

College of Management and Entrepreneurship

MSc Engineering Management

MSc Environmental Management Systems

MSc Industrial Systems & Operations

MSc Logistics & Tourism

MSc Public Policy and Decision Making

MSc Technology Implementation and Policy Studies

PhD Environmental Management Systems

PhD Industrial Systems & Operations

PhD Logistics & Tourism

PhD Project Planning Operations

PhD Public Policy and Decision Making

College of Science

BSc Biological Sciences

BSc Chemical Sciences

BSc Earth and Environmental Sciences

BSc Environmental Sciences

BSc Geology

Bsc Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

BSc Physics

BSc Statistics

MSc Biological Sciences

MSc Chemical Sciences

MSc Earth & Environmental Sciences

MSc Environmental Sciences

MSc Geology

MSc Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

MSc Physics

MSc Project Planning Operations

MSc Statistics

PhD Chemical Sciences

PhD Earth & Environmental Sciences

PhD Geology

PhD Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

PhD Physics

PhD Statistics


Physical Address: OCAAT Plot 1055 Modipane Road Oodi

Mailing Address: Private Bag 041, Bontleng, Gaborone, Botswana

Tel: +267 3926909
Fax: +267 3926904