Malawi Adventist University

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About Us

The Malawi Adventist University was established by an action of the Executive Committee of the Malawi Union Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. As early as 1996, the action was taken to upgrade what was the Lakeview Seminary to a Junior College. It was envisaged to offer four year degree programmes of an already existing University. At that time the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton was the best candidate. In 1999 the Malawi Union Mission agreed to run the four year degree programmes.


Exists “to provide and advance a holistic, quality Christian education for Women and men in order to equip them with knowledge, skills and competencies that are necessary for service to God and mankind”


To be a world class university of Excellence and choice for producing high quality graduates ”.

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting

Bachelor of Business Administration – Management

Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing

Bachelor of Education – English Language and Religion

Bachelor of Education – English Language and Literature

Bachelor of Education – Religion and English Language

Bachelor of Education – Business Studies

Bachelor of Education – Agriculture

Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Bachelor of Arts in Religion

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSc Agriculture

Bachelor of Science in Agri-Business (BSc Agri-Business)

Admission and Applications

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